Milk Bikes RDA - super low maintenance commuter bike

Mark with first Milk Bikes RDA Prototype

About Milk Bikes
Milk Bikes is a bicycle design and production consultancy based in the UK. It was formed in August 2010 by Mark Meadows.

We work with brands to develop new products to suit their own unique style and niche in the market. We understand the importance of balancing performance and price. And as we work with a range of large and small scale factories we can identify a producer to suit specific projects.

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss a possible project.


About Mark Meadows
He grew up swimming and racing bikes, and eventually represented Zimbabwe at the World Triathlon Champs in 2000 and 2001.

Product Design was his other big passion so a degree that combined these two disciplines was irresistible. Mark studied at Sports Technology at Loughborough University which is renowned worldwide for it's sporting and engineering prowess. Since 2005 he has worked primarily in the bicycle industry.


Why Milk?
The name is a nod to the beautiful little dairy farm in Zimbabwe where Mark grew up. The farm was nestled in a valley below the Siswa Hills on the banks of the Munenga River. There were about 250 Jersey cows in the herd. 

One of the unusual things about our dairy farm was that all the cows had names rather than numbers. And the names ran in families; one family of cows were named after gem stones. Another after cakes; Cupcake, Swiss Roll, Muffin etc. Every cow was unique.


The Boring Stuff
Milk Bikes Limited
Registered Address: 63 Baddow Hall Crescent, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 7BX, United Kingdom.
UK Company Registration Number: 7336426
VAT Registration Number: GB995 9218 54