Milk Bikes RDA - super low maintenance commuter bike

Mark with first Milk Bikes RDA Prototype

MILK BIKES is a bicycle design and distribution company based in the UK. It was formed in 2010 and has grown to encompass other wheeled products such as scooters, skates, drift trikes and helmets.

Our roots are in design and product development, and we now have a growing portfolio of wheeled goods brands that we distribute in the UK and Europe.

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About Mark Meadows
Originally from Zimbabwe, Mark competed internationally in the sport of Triathlon and has always been passionate about product design. He came to the UK to study Sports Technology at Loughborough University.

Since graduating in 2005 he has worked within the bicycle industry in the Far East and in the UK and has good experience on the product and production side.


About James Belcher
James has worked in the bike industry for 15 years and brings a wealth of knowledge in the wheeled goods sector, trading with a number of large retailers in the UK and Ireland.

James manages all aspects of sales and customer relations at Milk Bikes.